Frequently Asked Questions - Microsoft Word templates and printed products.

Do you email a proof of the note cards before they're printed?
Yes! I email proofs for your approval normally pretty fast after I receive your order. I don't print the note cards until I receive your approval to be sure that everything is correct. Please respond to the Proofs email as soon as possible so it doesn't delay your order.

When will I receive my template?
You should receive an email as soon as your order is complete that will contain the download link(s) to your template(s). If you don't receive it, please email me and I'll send it to you. After you download the template save it to a location on your computer so you'll know where it's at.

How do the templates work?
The templates must be used with Microsoft Word or a program that will open a Microsoft Word .doc file. If you don't have Microsoft Word there's a free program called "Open Office" that you can use to edit the files. The program can be downloaded here -
What can I change on the template?
All of the text is editable so the fonts, font color, and the text can be changed to your event. The text boxes can by resized and moved also. The only thing that can't be changed is the image itself. The templates cannot be edited in Microsoft Viewer.

Can the templates be edited on a Mac computer?
Yes, I've have several customers that buy and edit the templates on a Mac with no problems.

The printing company that I'm using requires a different file type, is that possible?
If you need a different file type please email us with what you need "before" you make your purchase. I will email a link to a "Reserved Listing" for you to purchase that will contain the download file that you need instead of the one in the item listing.

Can I share the templates with friends?
No, the templates are for your personal use only. They are not to be shared, given away or sold to anyone. Your purchase of any item from A.J.'s Prints does not transfer the copyright to any images and must not be reproduced.

I'm taking my template to a printer do I need a print release so they can print it?
Some printing companies require a "Print Release" to print the files. If you use a company that does require a "Print Release" email me and I'll send you one to take to your printing company.

How many invitations can I print using the templates?
You can print as many as you need.

Do you do color changes on the templates?
If it's possible but the request has to be made "before" you make your purchase. If you make your purchase from the existing listing you will receive the one shown in the listing picture and not the one with the color you need. I'll send a link to a "Reserved Listing" that will contain the template the template with the color change.

Ordering -
I don't live in the United States, how can I purchase your templates?
At this time A.J.'s is not registered to collect the VAT tax but you can order through my store on Etsy since they are able to empliment the VAT requirements. My store on Etsy is www.ajsprints.etsy.com If the item you want isn't on Etsy please let me know and I'll make a listing for you there.

Shipping -
How are your note cards shipped?
A note card order of 1 is shipped in a rigid mailer by First Class Parcel, orders of 2 or more are shipped by Priority mail.

Do you ship your note cards or other printed items outside of the United States?
No, we only ship within the US.